Alice’s Dairy Bar

The sign says it all - 'Bar' not 'Barn'
The sign says it all - 'Bar' not 'Barn'

It has been a week of summer so far, six days; some short, some long, but six days nonetheless. The kid’s summer started Wednesday afternoon and Thursday we headed off to visit grandma and grandpa in Ohio.

I spent most of yesterday driving. The kids behaved, Ivy behaved, and we made good time. Although, the closer we got to home, the more the kids got excited and so did Ivy. Our first stop was the kennel. The kids were so excited; they unloaded their bikes and pedaled to grandma’s while we checked Ivy in to her ‘hotel.’ When we pulled in the driveway, the kids parked their bikes near the garage and they were already visiting with grandma and grandpa in the family room. It is good to see them and catch up, it is even better for the kids to see them.

Before long, grandma and grandpa went off to bed and we were left to ourselves. There was an hour or so of daylight left and the kids wanted to explore. Beth suggested a bike ride and we headed off to Alice’s Dairy Bar.

It was a great night for a short ride and an even better one for ice cream! I took a picture of the sign and realized I had been calling it ‘barn’ instead of ‘bar!’ for as long as I can remember. I chuckled to myself, I suppose in farm country a dairy bar might as well be a dairy barn!  We saw Farmer Tim ride bye on a tractor and waved, we saw Carmen and John – family friends and waved, but mostly we sat, enjoyed our ice cream together. Olivia was finished first, could not wait and rode around on her bike while William and I finished our treats.

I was exhausted and the kids were too, but they were not about to admit they were tired and ready for bed. I finally convinced them it was time and they fell fast asleep.

Today is gonna be a great day, certainly it will be a million and six times better than yesterday, driving days are never all that exciting, but today the town festival, Poultry Days, begins and the kids have big plans – visiting, rides, games, swimming, chicken and more rides and games. Maybe will even pedal back to the Dairy Barn or Dairy Bar for an ice cream treat whatever we do we’ll make it a great day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

What ‘summer festivals’ this summer do you remember and what makes it summer to you?

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