Saturday morning at the lake, again

Ivy waits patiently, for the car ride home….

We came back to the lake last night, and we are all here. It’s just us – B (aka momma), W, O, and I and of course Ivy. We left the lake Wednesday afternoon to pick up momma on Ohio and come back Thursday, but Thursday turned into late Thursday, and then Friday morning, and finally Friday afternoon.

Grandpa is doing better, getting stronger, and slowly getting back to normal. We visited with them both as well as the Dairy Bar. Grandma is doing well and momma helped as much as she could. It was time for her to get back to us.

Ivy’s place at grandma’s – the porch our back….

I had forgotten how much fun Friday afternoon traffic could be in July. The drive went well, despite the length and a few stops and a couple little bit of rain. The passengers cooperated and I only had to answer a few “How much longer?” questions. Ivy has turned into a good passenger and slept most of the way.

It was dark when we arrived, we unloaded and there was a lot of activity along the lake. It is the canoe race weekend and many people are here for the race as well as the last weekend in July; it’s much busier than the Fourth of July weekend, probably busier than Labor Day weekend.  W and O helped unload and then raced out to be with their friends; then momma and I could watch the Olympic opening ceremony. We watched and when O came home, she declared,

“Momma, did you see the Olympic ceremony? That was a great show, at least $3000 (meaning the fireworks) worth!

Yes, we watched and marveled at the spectacle. Momma and I have watched the Olympics dating back to our childhood and the summer we met, in 1984.

The Olympics are on, the kids are up, and it is going to be a busy day – parade, festival, and the race. It’s gonna be a great day, I know it. I’d better jump up, jump in and seize the day. Making the Days Count, race weekend, and all weekends by the lake.

What’s on your weekend agenda? 

7 thoughts on “Saturday morning at the lake, again

    1. We’ve been watching the Olympics, too. The coverage is very USA focused – we watched the women’s gymnastics last night until I couldn’t keep my eyes open/ My little one wanted to keep watching, then she turned the TV off and went to bed!

      1. Glad you stopped in, good luck with your mom’s house. I am sure you will find a young couple looking for a good home to begin their life together and fill it full of memories. Ivy does look like she owns the place doesn’t she?

    1. I was so tired yesterday! I finished reading a book, cooked dinner, and watched the start of the race – but I really wanted to sleep! I slept until 8 this morning, and now at ten everyone is still asleep and they need it! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the picnic!

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