Saturday morning, a little late

It was early Saturday morning when I started writing this. When the alarm buzzed, rang, and disturbed my sleep this morning – I didn’t want to get up. But, I did. It’s a three day weekend and it will be over before I know it. It almost already is. Usually, we head north to snow country, but not this year, not enough snow and the kids have activities that keep us home – wrestling and softball. Then, of course, it is the football championship weekend and O and I will sit down and watch the games together, I hope.

The past week went by quickly. It was a blur. W had finals – his first set and it came as a surprise in every sort of way. I spent Monday and Tuesday evenings at the library where there are fewer distractions, or so I thought. He was having a difficult time concentrating and I told him to take a brain break – get up and take a short walk, maybe go outside and get a breath of fresh air, even if it is cold air. Instead, he went to the stacks and came back with a book. I am not complaining, but it was good thing, at the wrong time; it was just, another distraction that we were looking to avoid. Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the (father) tree. I have to laugh. First semester of high school is behind us and overall it was good, it can be better, but it could be far, far worse. Second semester begins Tuesday and it’s a clean canvas with clear expectations of what lies ahead.

For me, the week went quickly my students began their second semester with a clean canvas as well and a bang – I am teaching research and my students are writing a ‘book.’ I finished classes Friday afternoon to a silent class as they followed my directions on how to create a chapter for their book that looked, like a book. But, it was seventh grade writing with in-text citations and it needed revising, but they watched and took notes on how to create a chapter with text and graphics with rapt attention. This project is one of my favorite parts of the year as the students learn so much and are very proud of what they create. It is amazing what they learn and take away.

Friday morning I was lucky to see the sunrise. I see it every morning, but this one was especially beautiful – the east was a brilliant red, pinky, orange. When I looked at the picture I snapped – it wasn’t what I could see with my eyes; but a phone camera is hardly professional equipment, nor is framing a picture by the side of the road on the way to work a good practice, either.

this is what came out, it is not what I saw....
this is what came out, it is not what I saw….

It is no longer morning and I have distracted myself from what I began and I had better get moving or Saturday will be another unfinished page in my planner. Today is gonna be a great day, even with a late start. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, even one sunrise at a time.

What did your sunrise bring YOU today! 

6 thoughts on “Saturday morning, a little late

    1. I see the sun come up on my way to school… there is a field and a lot of open land along my drive. I am lucky. I can see the sun peek through my window in the morning when I sleep late or during the late spring and summer when it rises before 6 AM. This is a perfect time of the year to see a sunrise, at least for our area.I especially love the sunset, too, but there is something about watching the sun come up for a new day. Where we are planning to go for Spring Break – the Keys, the sun rises over the Atlantic about 6 in the morning and it is amazing to watch in late March, or anytime for that matter. thanks for stopping by and following along as I try to make the days count!

    1. Phil, thanks for stopping by – it’s Sunday and I’ve been to church and cleaned the basement…. now I am wondering why, as I hear the rumble of an x-Box driving game behind my back (instead of Deion and the NFL crew). Plan to watch the games today and inauguration tomorrow….. and maybe take in an MLK service tomorrow to round out the weekend.

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