Things Have Changed

It’s Saturday morning again, it happens every week. I look forward to the day and the day following, but they disappear before I know it. It’s eleven degrees and snowing. It’s still winter, we had snow Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, bitter cold followed. But, we were at school; Thursday and Friday morning were cold, but sunny, which make a world of difference. I had outdoor bus duty, greeting the buses as they pulled into the parking lot and unloading. I did my best to brighten the student’s day with a hearty, ‘Goooooood Morning, welcome to a new day at in middle school…’ a la Robin Williams from “Good Morning Vietnam.” I don’t know if it makes a difference to them, but it gives me a boost and keeps me warm.

this morning's window on the world
this morning’s window on the world

Friday was the seventh grade’s annual field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. We’ve been going for eleven years and as much as I enjoy the field trip, I believe it has outlived its usefulness. I’m sad to say it, and I’ll be a minority when we reflect on the trip as a grade level. But, I’ll speak my mind. I need to, it’s the right thing to do.

I enjoyed my time at the museum and enjoyed getting to know my group. We visited the Human Body exhibit, which is the purpose of our trip, but we rushed through it. We watched as chicks hatched in the Genetics and Chick Hatchery exhibit, and we saw the U-505. I got my group photo at the submarine, and I’ll write my thank you notes this weekend. But, we didn’t really slow down or stop to process any of the information or absorb what was there. I learned all sorts of things and my kids did too. I learned that when you out your hand on a frost window, it leaves a clear handprint. I learned it’s a long way to Chicago, especially when there is an accident ahead on the expressway. I learned kids are pretty creative and patient when the times call for it. I was reminded that there is a lot of work I need to do like filling in the blanks for my kids. I often forget how much they don’t know and how curious they can be when given the chance to show it. But, I am disappointed we didn’t get more from the museum than we did. Time, we don’t get any more, no one does.

Friday night was different. For a moment, time stopped. It was my last daddy daughter dance with O at the elementary school. Next year she’s off to middle school, but for now, she is my little girl, our little girl. It was my fifth daddy-daughter dance, and last, we’ve only missed one and it was because we chose to go north for the long weekend instead.

It was a nice evening and we danced. We danced the electric slide, several fast dances that did a number on my knees, and a couple of slow songs where I could give her a big hug to let her know how much I love her. We danced to “Shout” which was the first song I ever danced with B. That was a long time ago, and for a moment, a bright shining moment, time stood still.

We finished the evening with at the ice cream shop for a sundae on Friday night with several other dads. I suppose ice cream with our sweeties isn’t such a novel idea. Then we came home to watch that last bit of the Winter Olympic opening ceremony. Gladly, or sadly, football is done for the season and after a lame Super Bowl and my lamer prediction, I am onto a new sport or sports, at least for the next two weeks. The commercials were the best part of the Sunday night broadcast. I liked the Bob Dylan Chrysler commercial; B and O liked the Chevy commercial with the eligible bachelor. What can I say, we like cars. Watching the Super Bowl reminded me of the last time I watched a lame Bronco for a couple of hours. The Chrysler commercial is all about American pride and the Olympics are the ultimate display of nationalism. I’ll be watching, when I can, but I’ll be rooting the good ol’ USA.

The sun is rising earlier and earlier every morning. When I climbed out of bed yesterday morning, I saw a bright spot on the horizon. It was Venus. It was gone, washed away in the bright light of the new day by the time I was driving to school. The sun rose in brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows painting the eastern sky. Today, we have ten hours twenty minutes of daylight, but it’s cloudy and snow is swirling through the air with big puffy flakes. Ivy is lying at my feet and if I don’t get a move on, the sun will set, before I accomplish anything. Today is gonna be a great day, full of memories, full of possibilities, and full of moving forward. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one step at a time. Putting my best foot forward.

What is on your horizon this bright shiny day?

9 thoughts on “Things Have Changed

    1. O and I had a wonderful time and the ice cream at the end of the night was especially sweet. As for the Super Bowl, I can definitely identify! I have rooted for teams on the other end of the blow out before. Congrats to the Seahawks they did their homework and had every angle covered, and a couple of other things, too. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

  1. So glad I passed on that lame game. More like the Stupor Bowl. Now here we come again with more snow tomorrow and temps have stayed in the mid 20’s pretty much. I like the cold but I am looking forward to Spring. I do love the museums here in NYC as they ae wonderful. Seems that dance you had with your daughter was touching. Cherish it while you can.

    1. Phil – We had a great dance and I will always remember it. Certainly a special time. We went away for the weekend 2/14-2/17 and I didn’t even open my laptop, can’t believe it. Shoveled snow like a dickens, though. The snow is piled high and drifted against the house, froze, thawed, and refroze an icy mess. There better be a FABULOUS SPRING at the the end of this! take care and stay upright!

  2. That father-daughter dance sounds wonderful, and it’s a shame that the museum trip didn’t measure up equally, though in a different way. My elder daughter’s been on a flying visit from England. That’s been wonderful, so I don’t think putting her back on the plane to England’s going to be so great today. But we’ll see her and her family again soon….in England

    1. O and I had a wonderful time. When I visit my mom or step-mom, it is always difficult to leave. I wish we were closer, but you’ll be seeing her more often (I presume) when you relocate back to England. take care and have a wonderful week.

  3. I so enjoy reading your reflections. You seem such a peaceful person, Clay.

    When I was growing up there weren’t father and daughter dances, but once, on my birthday, my father took me to a grown-up dance at the local fire station. It was my birthday and I must have been 11 or 12. My sister, who shared the same birthday with me (though we are a year apart) had been invited to a friend’s party and I was not. So my dad took me to the dance so that I could have somewhere special to go. I remember feeling a little awkward, especially when he tried to teach me to jitterbug because that’s what the fast dance was when he was a teenager. But, I also remember feeling thrilled and happy. too. I’m sure your daughter will hold special memories of the dances you shared. What a nice dad you are.

    Sorry about the Broncos. I never watch the Super Bowl, but I did tune in this year to the beginning because I wanted to hear Renee Fleming sing the National Anthem, so I saw when Peyton made that big mistake. It’s hard to shake off something like that.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. Thank you. With the weather pattern being what it has been, it seems all of my posts have been about weather or football, but there is more there. It is still cold, but the sun is shining and Ivy is laying behind me in the sunbeam, warming herself. Life is good.

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