August morn

cinFriday morning, August 1st, twenty more days and I’ll be back at school or work. I promised myself that when I began to call it work, I would get out. I still call it school, though there are days when it seems like work. There are years when I learn more from the kids than I ever thought possible and then there are years, like the year ahead, when there is a lot to learn (and re-learn) about what I am teaching and I re-invent myself.

Nevertheless, it is the first day of August and I am still Up North. I had plans to be home the last couple of days but my procrastination de-railed me. Sometimes my procrastination is a positive, because this time I get to spend more time at the cottage along the lake AND I get to spend come more time with my mother-in-law, aka grandma. She arrived last night and it is good to see her. I don’t know how many more trips she has in her, but I am determined to make her days here count.

When she arrived she noticed the yard, the flowers, the beds, and the deck had been painted and all the hard work B and I have put in. Actually, she noticed the results of all of our hard work. She also noticed the dent in the hassock and wondered what happened. We knew what had happened, but didn’t tell her. Ivy did it. I know, I know, blame the dog trick #1, blame the dog….but really, it is blame us, because we are the ones who allowed Ivy to jump up and sleep on the hassock. B and I looked at each other and winked, we feigned we didn’t know. O almost spilled the beans, but we winked and she got it.

Grandma plopped right down in her chair. We talked and she just enjoyed looking out over the lake. It was a beautiful evening and we had the windows open and front door ajar to let the gentle breeze cool the cottage. She was tired from the drive, but she stuck with us, until game time – she’s the Reds fan and the reason O and I follow the Reds. It gives us one more thing to talk about and it’s a game she enjoys watching and following. She’s also an avid football fan and I give enjoy ribbing her about ‘her Bengals,’ but that is another story to be told later, maybe.

The Reds are in an awful slump, going 3-10 since the All Star break and falling six games behind. They are in Miami to play the Marlins; I tuned in the broadcast on my iPad and we listened while she watched. We’d talk, listen, and make comments about the game and catch up on her news and our news. Last summer, I subscribed to Major League Baseball’s iPhone app that allowed me to listen to any game AND choose the feed – I can listen to the Reds or Marlins announcers. Naturally, I chose the Reds feed, I always do.

The Marlins jumped out to an early lead with a solo home in the first inning and the Marlins led until the eighth inning. That’s when it got interesting.

We’d moved to her bedroom and tuned into the broadcast on Apple TV. I was having difficulty getting the Reds feed and we ended up watching the Marlins feed.

The Reds loaded the bases with no outs. The next batter struck out swinging, 1 out.

The next batter up, hit a soft popup to right field and the ball was caught for the second out. The runner on third base tagged up and tried to run home, but was tagged by the catcher – third out with an inning ending double play. And that’s where it got really interesting. There is a new rule, really several new rules in play this year, one being reviews and challenges. The Reds asked for a review of the play and it lasted for over six minutes.

Grandma and I watched and laughed. The Marlins announcers were very one-sided and that’s what made it funny, listening to the other side. I thought the runner was out, end of story, I still do. This morning I watched the play again from both perspectives and I shared the Reds review with grandma and we laughed again. She looked at me and said, ‘that’s what you call a different perspective…’

Here are the two different points of view. You can watch them if you want or not, it’s up to you.

The review overturned the umpire’s call and the Reds and Marlins were tied 1-1. The inning continued with two outs and runners on first and third base. The next batter up, hit a single and two more runs scored. Reds 3 – Marlins 1. That’s the way the game ended.

I am glad the play call went the way it did, I am Reds fan, but as I saw it, the runner was out. Plain and simple. I am glad grandma is here and got to watch it together. It gave us a good laugh.

I wonder if the baseball players think of baseball as a game, or think it as work? I hope they still see it as a game, like I see school. The way you see things is important and it makes a difference.

fishermen troll along the drop off in the mist
fishermen troll along the drop off in the mist

This morning, grandma was up before I was. The coffee was already brewed and ready when I came downstairs. We refilled her cup and filled one for me. We sipped our coffee, looked out over the lake and had a good morning together. Ivy came downstairs with me, she looked over at the hassock and realizing she wasn’t invited up, lay down on her pad. Grandma and laughed about the call and made our plans for the day. Today is gonna be a great day, I know it and I can feel it. The Reds play again at 7:10 and it’ll be on. Regardless, I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day, before it seizes me. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, I am just glad my days don’t come under review.

What do you have on your plate for the first day of August? 

8 thoughts on “August morn

    1. Yes, that series was tough – you a Yankees fan? I grew up an Astros fan watching in the Astrodome… been to Wrigley and Comerica this season, hopin’ to get one or two more venues in before the season is over… have a great week and thanks coming by…

      1. I’m an old fan from way back. Loved the old Thurman Munsun days when I was a kid, went through all the bad 80’s – 90’s years, then had a blast with the current dynasty years. Now sad Jeter is retiring but life goes on. Baseball is such a great game.

        Now don’t even ask me why I root for the Jets.

      2. watched the Yankees destroy the Tigers last night! Gonna miss Jeter and I remember the good ‘ol days of Billy Martin adn the day Thurman Munson was killed – sad. He was a great player. have a great week and enjoy the Boys of Summer….

    1. It’s always great to get away up North. Especially when there are other folks here yo have fun with us – have enjoyed to fun-filled nights with grandma – headed home to pickup my paddler Sunday night and bring him back here for the last week before high school football begins.. thanks for stopping by… enjoy your August mornings!

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