“The Day the Series Stopped”

I love baseball, I always have. This past season, I was able to get to the ballpark twice. Once in Detroit and once in Chicago and both were good games.

Baseball is in the post-season and the San Francisco Giants will face the Kansas City Royals in the World Series starting next Tuesday. I got home tonight in time to watch the bottom of the ninth and three run walk off homer that propelled the Giants into their third World Series in five years. Tonette, my friend from San Francisco, is going wild in San Francisco. I can’t say I blame her.

I’ve been thinking about San Francisco lately. I enjoyed living there and I will never forget the three years I lived and worked in Bay Area.

ESPN is showing the 30 for 30 film – “The Day the Series Stopped.” The sports network produced the film about the Lomo Prieta earthquake and the World Series and it does a fine job capturing what I remember of that day and the weeks that followed. The film debuted Tuesday evening and I’ve watched it three times, each time I take away something different. It’s well put together and the message is how sport transcends life. Oakland A’s manager Tony La Russa explained it best –

I messaged my friend Tonette and asked her if she’d watch the film and she politely told me it brings back too many bad memories. I can understand.

Two years ago, I wrote a post about my memories of the day… they’ve faded a bit, but I can still close my eyes and see the earth moving…. I’ll never forget; there are just some events in your memory that stay forever and never change.

Here is the link to the post:

5:04 PM, October 17, 1989 – 23 years later

I am glad the Giants are back in the World Series – if it can’t be the Reds, I can’t think of a better team to represent the National League.

Tomorrow is Friday, heck it’s already Friday as I write this. I’ve got a busy day planned for tomorrow. We are watching “12 Angry Men” with Henry Fonda, E.G. Marshall, and Lee J. Cobb tomorrow in social studies and we are trying to impress our young ‘uns the importance of the ‘trial by a jury of your peers’ concept that’s guaranteed by the United States Constitution. I baited the hook yesterday in class and gave them enough information to get them thinking. W has a football game Friday night and again Saturday morning, then it’ll be time for leaf duty Saturday afternoon. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the day that comes. It’s gonna be a great day – I know it and I can feel it. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one memory at a time.

Do you have a memory of sporting event that is rooted in something beyond the  sport? Please share.

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