Picture Day, again

1unocardThis post originally appeared last year, 52 weeks ago. But , TODAY IS PICTURE DAY! 

Forty years ago the picture below was taken, a lot has happened since then. I’ve grown up and I continue to learn and grow everyday.

I’ll be ready for the photographer and hopefully I’ll get a good photo this year.  I wasn’t pleased with last year’s photo and have used a #1 Uno card to cover up my ID photo since last spring. Yesterday, the weather turned and it was cool enough to sleep with the windows last night. I could feel the cool air all night. It was a good sleeping night. It’s going to be a great day, even with a repeat on MtDC.

8th grade - 1975
8th grade – 1975

Picture Day    ORIGINALLY POSTED – 9/11/2014….

Tomorrow is picture day. School picture day. I get my picture taken every year. I’ll be in line early and looking my best for this year’s school picture. Last year, I wore a pink shirt with a blue tie and the year before, a blue shirt and a pink tie; beyond the last two years I cannot remember which year is which. It will be my school ID photo for the next year; and it will be in the yearbook. So, when my students look back on middle school, there I’ll be along with the rest of my colleagues.We got an e-mail from the principal reminding us, but I knew picture day tomorrow.

Earlier this week I heard about a story about Dale Irby, a teacher from Dallas, Texas who wore the same outfit for all forty of his school pictures. In the beginning, it was by accident; then, he made a conscious effort to wear the same sweater every year. I looked back at my school photos, at least those I could find – and for the most part, I was like Dale Irby. I stuck to the tried and true blue shirt and sensible tie. There were a few ties that weren’t so sensible or more likely it was ‘what was I thinking?’ or ‘did get dressed in the dark?’ I am not sure. The portraits will have to speak for me.

Nevertheless, I didn’t stop there. I went back further and found pictures from elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. When I finished college the first time and started working, I stopped having an annual photo taken so there is a gap from 1982 to 1999. It was fun going back in time and refreshing my memory of what I looked like then and now. About the only thing that is different from all of the school pictures is that for the past couple of years, my hair is longer than it was in middle school OR high school.

Tomorrow is school picture day and I’ll be ready. Blue shirt, sensible tie, and a great smile. Thirty-nine years ago, I smiled an eighth grade smile and had my photo taken. Today was a great day and tomorrow will be a million and six times better. Making the Days Count, one day a time, one school photo, one lasting memory at a time.

When was the last time you went back in time and took a peak at your school photos?

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7 thoughts on “Picture Day, again

    1. Thank you! I’ve been sharing those photos with my classes for the past several years and changed my school twitter account profile photo to my 8th grade photo from 40 years ago. The kids got a kick out it – it so happened the lesson was about reading the history text and summarizing the information into a tweet. They loved it. Several even tweeted their homework! Making differences in the lives of kids. Have a great day and wonderful week ahead. Thanks for popping in.

  1. Ha! School photos are a relatively modern invention here. So I have none. And neither do my children. I used to resent the money-making scam I saw it as. Now I quite regret not having a rogues’ gallery of them, taken every year at roughly the same time, in the same pose, to see how they grew.

    1. And a racket, so to speak. We have Park District sports photos, too. Those photos are a treasure trove of memories. Since our conversion to digital I have thousands of photos on the hard drive, but we have packets of school photos and sports photos going back 2003 when W was a kindergartner 2008 when O when off to public school. thenm there are the yearbooks for the kids. It’s W’s last year of public school – next year it’s our dime (and lots of them!). Thanks for stopping by and visiting – have a great week – we are off to the country this afternoon and a county fair – can’t wait.

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