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Saturday morning, again. It’s the best day of the week. Saturday gets the nod for the best day of the week because I get to pick the pace and choose how it begins. Sunday is a close second, Monday through Friday are tied for third place where the pace is dictated by getting to school and teaching.

daffodils in the morning light, cold and waiting for warmer days
daffodils in the morning light, cold and waiting for warmer days

Spring Break is over and we are home. My landscape is landlocked and the future is certain, Spring is here, though you wouldn’t recognize it from the weather we had yesterday or this morning. It’s cold this morning, but sunny and clear. Which makes a difference.

I got out of bed, made coffee and decided to visit the daffodil glade at the Morton Arboretum to see Spring’s progress. I’ve been visiting since Spring sprang and enjoying etching Earth return to life. Each year, we return and take photos in the glade among the daffodils.

This morning a daffodil glade in bloom is in the future. The daffodils are up and ready but they are waiting for warmer days. The future is within reach and it’s here, it will be a memory.

the future of the glade – blooming daffodils, the trees with leaves

So, while I dream of the future and family photos in the daffodil glade, I am here, grounded in the present and prepared to clean off my desk and remove layers of the past. So, I had better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Carpe Diem. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, grounded and back home. 

What’s in your future?

The past and the present might be open to interpretation, but are still constrained by the reality of what was and is. The future? It’s tremendously intangible, brimming with possibility. This post is in response the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Future. One of the glorious things about photography is that it enables us to take a moment of our present, and make it available to look on in meticulous detail in the future. This week, share with us your interpretation of future.

7 thoughts on “future: a photo challenge

    1. Tina – thanks for visiting. The air was cold but the sun was bright and kept everything warm. The daffodils are hearty and even a light blanket of snow won’t do them much harm. Yesterday, I noticed the flowering trees are beginning to bud out and get ready for the next step. Sunday was cold and rainy, Monday was sunny and warmer. Spring is here, but we only get to see it in small doses. Have a wonderful week.

    1. You are welcome – thank you for visiting. Spring here in the Midwestern USA is a bit different – you never know what you are going ti get, you just know that eventually the future will bring flowers, trees with leaves, and warmer days. Have a wonderful week.

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