Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

It is here. Spring has arrived, after what seems like an incredibly long winter.

the Daffodil Glade at Morton Arboretum, April 26.. a beautiful late afternoon

Every year, we visit the Daffodil Glade at the Morton Arboretum for a family photo shoot. It started innocently enough in 2004. Ten years ago, after church, we decided to take in a drive through the Morton Arboretum. It was Easter Sunday, we had our camera and we decided to stop at the Daffodil Glade and shoot some photos. B with the kids among the daffodils, the kids by themselves, or together, regardless it was a beautiful morning. We took some incredible photos that morning. We came back the next year and had similar results. Wonderful photos, memories of children growing, and blossoming like the daffodils. Since that morning, it’s become one of our family traditions, one of our milestones. It’s our sign that spring is here. We’ve missed a couple of years but we have photos and memories going back to 2004.

Spring is here, I can see it. The green meadow, bright daffodils, and the bare tree are testament that Spring is here and winter a distant memory. In retrospect, the photo above was taken the same weekend as last year’s photo shoot. So, I guess, last year was long, too.

The sun streamed in my window this morning gently rousing me awake. Never mind that I’d set my alarm to violently awake me at 5:30 AM. This morning the sun rose at 5:46 AM. Six weeks ago, on the Equinox, the sun rose at 5:45 AM. Factoring the hour difference between Standard and Daylight time, the sun rose almost an hour earlier this morning. I lay in bed thinking of how I wanted to sleep, but the rational part of me told me I needed to get up and get moving.  So, I am awake. Slowly caffeinating myself and preparing for the day.

Six weeks after the Equinox, we have almost two full hours more of glorious sunshine.

Spring is here. It means the flowers are blooming. The grass is growing. The yard needs raking. The gardens need work and whole lot more. There’s a long list. Girl’s softball season opened last weekend and we’ve already had two rainouts. There is a game this morning and it is a beautiful sunny clear and crisp morning, the first sunny day since last Saturday. It’s gonna be a great day. I know it and I can feel it, so I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one Spring morning, one Spring day, one Spring at a time.

What memories do you have of Spring? What does Spring mean for you?

NOTE: I wrote this post as a part of a photo challenge – here is the link – check out what other bloggers thought of Spring.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

    1. it was a beautiful day, unfortunately – the field was too wet and the game was postponed. Instead we cleaned the garage and did some yard work – it was a wonderful day! we always enjoy the daffodils…. I just finished putting together all of the photos from 2004 to present of our photos in the daffodil glade.. some very pretty photos of kids growing up and the timelessness of the daffodils and the barren trees. Have a wonderful day – Happy Mothers Day!

    1. I agree it has warmed up, but it was quite chilly last night at O’s softball game. The warmth will be here Wednesday and Thursday land it will be cool again for the weekend. Spring is like that, fortunately the possibility of frost and snow is gone until October. I noticed on the way home from school yesterday that the flowering trees had literally exploded during the day – they were beautiful.

      Stay warm and enjoy the color!

    1. Phil……yep, the trees are sprouting the beginnings of leaves… and the flowering trees are almost there. It is beautiful time of the year. Winter is rent we pay for Spring. Have a great day and get out and enjoy the fine weather!

  1. I’m glad you’re not complaining about all the extra work that the burgeoning garden causes. It’s wonderful to be able to be outdoors in short sleeves and relishing the fresh air, isn’t it? We’ve just had our lunch outside for only the third time this year. Long may it continue!

    1. It is work, though i am not sure if it qualifies as extra work. O’s softball game was cancelled – the field was too wet – so we cleaned the garage instead and then I worked on pulling baby maple trees from the garden, spring cleaned some of the front bed, mowed the grass, before calling it a day. The weather has taken a pleasant turn – windows cracked overnight to let in a coll breeze. I sat outside and had dinner – sandwich and bowl of soup. it was wonderful. I am looking forward to the days of having dinner outside again! Have a great day!

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