W^2 – fall colors

W^2 or W squared for Wordless Wednesday October 14, 2020

The view from my front porch, the flag of the United States, and my favorite maple tree. Wheaton, IL.  October 10, 2020 – 3:22 PM

What is the view from where you stand?

2 thoughts on “W^2 – fall colors

  1. Now at last I realise that you have this ^funny^abbreviation for an oblong photo!!! I thought you had a writing problem, sort of what I have now with my iPad which ‘connected’ a bit too closely with a hot plate on the cooker….. So not judging anybody, just saying!
    The view from where I stand – that’s a never ending story, right NOW it’s my Hero Husband across the two desks, with headphones on his head, a second set of headphones already connected to the phone….. before it was 2 visiting friends who came for food and a coffee, it was the sunny outside, a special birthday gift and one to last not much longer, etc etc etc…..

    1. Thank you for popping in – I have been wanting to say thank you for far too long. I say to myself, I’ll come back and get to it but the urgent things take up time. hope all is well for you – we are in the throes of fall here and I found an amazing oak leaf hydrangea on the side of our home I would have missed had I not been picking up after the dog… take stay well and Peace.

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