W^2 – path

W^2 or W squared for Wordless Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Fern, the woods, and the fall sun, Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve Oakbrook, IL October 16, 2021, 2:06 PM

It was a beautiful fall afternoon with temperatures in the upper 50s (14-15C) and a clear blue sky. Fern and I were giving a new forest preserve a try. It was an excellent choice. Much of the path was along a creek with woods to the east. We came across a momma white-tailed deer and her three fawns crossing the path in front of us moving from the creek side into the woods. It was an excellent walk in the fall sun. We also ran into a Brittany puppy on our walk and it brought back memories of sharp teeth and house training. Make the Days Count, one day at a time, never knowing what will cross my path.

What has crossed your path lately?

Tommy – 11 weeks old, Fern – 2 and one half years old meet in the woods along a limestone path Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve Oakbrook, IL October 16, 2021, 2:21 PM


6 thoughts on “W^2 – path

    1. O really liked the puppy, too. Fern has been adjusting sense O went off to college and I send O a Fern-o-gram from time to time. O’s having a great time and we are slowly adjusting to the empty nest. Thanks for stopping in and bourbon whiskey is a nice treat for cool November evening! Peace.

    1. Thank you. Puppies are fun but a lot of work. It’s easy to forget how much work goes in to a well-behaved adult dog. They just want to play and I can relate. Staying you is state of mind. Stay well and full of curiosity. Peace.

    1. There is something about seeing an animal in it’s habitat when you are not expecting it. A colleague of mine recently shared a video of deer mating almost in his backyard. The world happens around us all of the time and if we are lucky, we’ll catch a glimpse. Take care and stay well. Peace.

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