Arch Rock, created slowly over time

Arch Rock Mackinac Island, Michigan USA

We toured Mackinac (pronounced – mack-i-naw) Island in a horse drawn carriage Monday with friends. One of the stops along our tour was Arch Rock. Our tour guide shared the Ojibwe legends of a young woman whose tears slowly created the arch and another of how angry pileated woodpeckers slowly pecked away at the rock so a maiden could see the lake. But erosion, and science, explains the arch.

Mackinac is the Ojibwe word meaning ‘turtle’ as the island looks like a giant turtle shell emerging from Lake Huron. The Ojibwe were the Native American tribe which inhabited the island and the region long before Europeans explored and settled the region in the seventeenth century.

We had a wonderful time with our friends on Mackinac Island. They returned home yesterday while we helped our daughter move into her college apartment before the new term begins. Sometimes, I should simply stick to six words as Debbie from Travel with Intent suggests.

It’s Saturday and today is going to be an amazing day. After week with friends it is back to life andI have a long list of chores with all sorts of diversions possible. But I am going to try to stick to six words and make the day count. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, carving away at the to-do list. (My Saturday six words)

What are your six words for your Saturday? Or Sunday?  

My video of our trip to and from the island on the ferry.

9 thoughts on “Arch Rock, created slowly over time

    1. Thank you for stopping in at Making the Days Count. Arch Rock is the result of years of water slowly eroding the rock to reveal something of wonder. Sometimes our world moves so quickly, we don’t take time to see the change going around us. Have a great day and keep making YOUR days count.

    1. Patricia – I was so excited to see your comment. I know summer can be a bear, but I hope Baer House is doing great summer season. I am off to Gettysburg Battlefield this morning. It’s the other battle from July 1863 which turned the tide in the Civil War. Yesterday found me at Fort McHenry it was windy and pleasant. You’ll get to Mackinac Island, it’s beautiful, but very touristy. Stay well and keep making YOUR days count.

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