Leaping into March

It’s leap day. I’ve been blogging since May 2010, and I have never posted on a leap day. NEVER.

Wednesday night, February 28th. Dog walk with Fern and you can three stars aligned in Orion’s Belt in the middle of the photo

After searching through the leap year Februarys, I found ONE post written on February 28, 2012. Stamps, stamps, and more stamps that was close to a leap day. I re-read it, and it took me back.

These days, I don’t write many letters, the folks I wrote have passed away. I could write to my kids or my brothers, but I don’t. It’s too easy to call or send a text. So, I don’t write. I do write thank you notes to my students, but I am behind in that of late.

Last night I was walking Fern around the neighborhood, and I could clearly see Orion spread across the southwestern sky. It was a beautiful night, and the stars were bright.

It’s leap day and the last day of meteorological winter, tomorrow it’s spring. This morning it’s clear and cold, below freezing. Tuesday evening, we had strong storms with lightning, thunder, and tornados. This weekend it warms up and we have a glimpse of spring.

2024 has been a year so far. On the last day of 2023, my stepmother had a stroke and died a week later. I alluded to the many unexpected things that have popped up to add to an already full teaching schedule in my last post, Unexpected. It’s been a year, and, in some ways, it’s brought me full circle.

Last night, as Fern and I walked the neighborhood and she four-footed, and I two-footed; I looked up to marvel at the night sky for a few moments to reflect on where I was. Two months into 2024, I am looking to leap into March and welcome spring and move forward.

Today is going to be an amazing day! I have parent teacher conferences later today and tomorrow I get to learn with other teachers across the county. I am excited as I look ahead. So, I had better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one winter walk and one step after another.

How are you going to step into March?

8 thoughts on “Leaping into March

    1. Patricia! So good to see you here. I’ve been thinking about you and that trip I took to Vicksburg in January of ’17 with my stepmom. It was fun meeting you and talking in the front room of the Baer House. you had great recommendation for dinner. It was fun. I am sorry to hear things are not so well for you, either. We will weather this storm, we will. As for me, last week brought an upturn of sorts. Maybe it has to do with the weather or something else… but I WILL write more later. Stay strong, Peace.

  1. You’ve had many challenges already this year. I reckon you need the extra day to fit more in – hopefully good things from now on. Spare a thought for my friend whose birthday is today. She’s only been able to celebrate it 17 times in her life,though she’s over 70!

    1. Happy Birthday to your friend! In all my classes, I had a pair of twins born on the 28th and one girl who was a leap baby. Allegedly, she had an older sister born four years earlier in 2008. Yesterday was parent conferences and I mentioned to a colleague that I felt I might have turned a corner. Maybe I have, it would be nice to have a bit of smooth sailing. It’s Friday and a day of teacher learning. I hope to write another post this weekend. Take care and enjoy the first day of spring!

  2. I don’t know if I’ve blogged on leap year! I’ll have to look.
    So sorry to hear about the loss of your step-mom. It’s always tough. Unexpected seems to be a theme.
    I love your outlook! I’ve been gravitating to the outdoors and sunshine.
    Happy meteorological Spring!

    1. Thank you! It’s so good to see your post at the same time I am putting one together. It seems both of us have been rolling with the punches the last three months. We are moving forward! Here it’s a beautiful sunny, but cold morning and it is going to be amazing day. Stay well and strong. Peace.

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