Day 24: Creativity

It’s Thursday and it has been too long since I have posted anything on MtDC. Since summer began three weeks ago, I have been posting daily or almost daily on Instagram and if you follow along there, you’ll see the progress of my summer break. If you are curious, there is a sidebar of the blog – it’s a three by three graphic on the right-side.

Since my last post from 36,000 feet, I have been to Ohio and back, logged two more baseball games, served others at the food pantry, mowed the yard, spread mulch, cleaned up after a wild storm (which I slept through), collected the ends of branches the cicadas have snipped off, and much more.

When MtDC was in its infancy, I was posting almost daily. I don’t have the energy or creativity to keep up that pace today, though I do follow a couple of bloggers who do. If you are reading, you know who you are. It also seems the blogging community I connected with more than a decade ago has dropped off and their blogs are shutdown or static. At some point that will happen at MtDC, but for now I am simply too stubborn to let happen or stop.

A lot is happening in the MtDC world. Fourteen years ago, I was off to summer camp for a week with my son, watching my daughter’s softball games, and spending time at the lake with my family and my in-laws. Today my son is at ‘summer camp’ in Twentynine Palms in California for his annual two-week commitment. As much as I miss the summer camp experience, I am happy to pass on this one. I am grateful that our country can count on young men and women like him. This summer our daughter is at summer school, and I’ll see her next week at the lake.

Last summer I attended a professional development class hosted by Adobe to teach me how to use their graphic design software – Adobe Express. Since then, I’ve learned and grown. I’ve been playing with my creative side using the Adobe Express software adding text to graphics to tell the story of my seventy-six days of summer break.

I am not counting, simply working at making each day count.

I continue my quest to visit every MLB ballpark next week with a three-day trip to Toronto. I’ve never been to Canada except for a stop in Montreal in 1966 when our family moved to Paris for a six-month stay while my dad worked, and we played.

It’s Day 24 and today is going to be an amazing day. It could be a million and six times better than yesterday, so I am going to give it a whirl and jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time being creative and curious.

 How do you express your creative side?

7 thoughts on “Day 24: Creativity

    1. Thanks for stopping in! It was beautiful weather here – clear sunny skies, then the clouds rolled in for Tuesday night’s game. The roof stayed open for two really good games. I wrote about Monday’s game and I still need to write about Tuesday’s game, but that’s for another day. Take care and enjoy the fourth!

  1. Gosh, you are so occupied, and creative indeed! Perhaps Instagram suits you better? I’m not on Social Media so of course don’t see you there, but would understand if you did decide to let blogging go. You seem so very busy, and as I understand it, Instagram demands short sharp efforts on the part of the contributor, rather than the longer sustained time required by blogging. The right answer for you will present itself! Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

    1. Margaret, thank you for sticking with me on the blog. Instagram, Twitter or X, and Threads are ‘microblogs’ and they are quick, but they don’t fully share the story of Making the Days Count. I am going to stick with the blog I’ve got lots of stories to tell and have two I need to write. I am making the holiday as you are minding your summer. Stay well and thanks again for sticking with me.

      1. I’m not such a saint as to ‘stick with you’ if it weren’t a pleasure Clay. All power to your typing fingers! Make themost of your remaining holiday. Here in England after about 4 good days last week, we’re waiting for summer to begin …

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