Monthly Archives: December 2011

Making Time

A sliver of a moon slides across the sky as a frozen Lake Margrethe sees the last part of day

@MakingDaysCount and MakingtheDaysCount dot org, on many occasions, I have written about time and using it wisely; and if you have been looking for an update and wondering where I have been, I’ve been here, or there, seemingly everywhere – but not on the internet and certainly not at MakingtheDaysCount dot org. It has been a long three weeks. During that time, I have started a couple of entries but they have died on the figurative vine and been left unfinished. Continue reading Making Time

Pearl Harbor – 70 Years Later

I wasn’t around seventy years ago, but my in-laws were, they were teenagers then and remember the day quite well; much like I and my generation will remember 9/11

Yesterday, I casually mentioned to my seventh graders that today was an important anniversary and they looked at me in odd way – sort of like Ivy when she is confused, tilting her head to one side and cocking her ears back, as if to say, “So, you say?” What it really means is that they have no clue what you are talking about and they don’t have a good answer, because by the way I am looking at them, they should know. Continue reading Pearl Harbor – 70 Years Later

Day 67 – is it real?

looking back - the sun rises on the first day of winter

Today is the sixty-seventh day of the school year. It doesn’t seem possible, but, it is. It is funny how time moves so quickly. This week has virtually evaporated. A week ago, it was Thanksgiving Break and now I am looking down the barrels of Winter Break and a long two-week holiday, which will seemingly go faster than Thanksgiving’s five days. Continue reading Day 67 – is it real?