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It couldn’t happen to me….

Being a parent isn’t easy. And, being a teacher of middle schoolers isn’t any easier, either. Because when they move on, I do not. I am stuck in seventh grade. There is something about growing up and growing old. I want to share my mistakes, in an anonymous sort of way, with others so they won’t make the same ones I made. I want them to avoid the scrapes, the pain, and I want them to listen, to mind, to take my advice at face value. I want them to grow and learn, but try as I might; kids just have a difficult time learning through other’s mistakes, because it won’t happen to them. Continue reading It couldn’t happen to me….

5:04 PM, October 17, 1989 – 23 years later

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23 years ago, I had tickets to Game 3 of the World Series. It was the San Francisco Giants vs. The Oakland A’s. There are a few things in life that you’ll never forget, and going to a World Series game is probably one of them. Yet, that is not what I remember the date for, it was 23 years ago today that I was in a major earthquake.

I moved to the Bay Area in 1987 and B moved out there a couple of years later in ’89. She worked for Macy’s in the electronics buying office for the west coast. I loved baseball and I enjoyed watching games on TV. It was BK, before kids, Continue reading 5:04 PM, October 17, 1989 – 23 years later

The quiet room

The sign says it all, ‘The quiet room.’ My kids tried to avoid it at all costs; I guess I would have, too, at their age. But, I’d sure like to go there for the next couple of days. Continue reading The quiet room

Conflicted Monday

I am conflicted. It’s Monday morning and everyone is up. I got up early this morning, well early for a day off and instead of working, I read. It was good to read, but the opportunity cost is that I’m writing and it’s time to work to get things done, move, shake, rattle, and roll. But, I want to write. I also, need to grade and plan for the coming week. Before I know it, the day will be gone.

Instead of working, I read. I have been reading Continue reading Conflicted Monday