The quiet room

The sign says it all, ‘The quiet room.’ My kids tried to avoid it at all costs; I guess I would have, too, at their age. But, I’d sure like to go there for the next couple of days.

It has been a rainy wet weekend and we need it. It started in the fourth inning of O’s softball game yesterday morning; it has rained lightly since and at times coming down in downpour. After W’s football game, thankfully played on turf so he didn’t come home a sodden muddy mess, just wet and cold; I took off to get the oil changed in the car. It never takes long, so I ducked into the waiting room and started to work. The sign on the door said ‘quiet room.’ I had about an hour and it was gone before I knew it when the service tech tapped me lightly on the shoulder and jarring back into Saturday and reality.

B had asked me to stop at Panera on the way home and get cream of broccoli soup in a bread bowl for her. I did one better, I got the ingredients to make it so all of us could have it. I made it gluten free with gluten-free flour and everyone enjoyed it. Warm soup on a grey rainy fall evening was what we all wanted.

Today’s weather

What I really wanted was to sleep, and I did. I fell asleep watching my alma mater, the Fightin’ Texas Aggies, on the basement couch. I woke up in the middle of the second quarter to find they were up 27-7. I sleepily stumbled upstairs and crawled into bed, then Ivy woke me about midnight, wanting to go out. Ivy and I went downstairs to find O and B asleep in the family room. Ivy went outside and the two castaways woke and went upstairs to bed. It is easy to be tired on a rainy fall night. I don’t remember anything after letting Ivy in and going back to bed, until I woke at nine. I never sleep until nine. I checked for the for the final score, the Aggies won 59-57, how the score got so high or so close I do not know, but I was glad they won. When I was there, in the early 80s, we weren’t a force on the gridiron, but we did beat t.u. (Texas) my freshman year.

I’ve had my rest, my coffee, and I’m fully awake. Now I need to get to work and I need the quiet room. It promises to rain off and on the rest of the afternoon. Friday night before the varsity football game, W mowed the grass; and I raked the drive, deck, and parts of the back garden before the rain came Saturday. The yard looked so clean and now it’s covered with wet leaves and that is next weekend’s project.

But, for now, the quiet room. I am at my desk in the basement and I have the “We Bought a Zoo” soundtrack playing. Ivy is nestled on her cushion under the desk, and all is right with the world. Today is gonna be a great day and tomorrow looks to be am million and six times better. Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

Where do you go to concentrate? What helps you focus your energy?

2 thoughts on “The quiet room

  1. Wish I could find a Quiet Room! Focus my energy? Been concentrating on getting caught up at work and on my school work…I got so behind (in the school work) because I missed a month. I’m a bit lost right now, but I’m getting better. Have enjoyed catching up on reading your blog. Thanks so much for your letter…I received it today. I will be sending you something soon. It’s like a Treasure Chest : )

    1. it was good to share a memory tonight, even a bad one. I hope all is well. My Astros are done, and then the Reds, now I’m rooting for Giants. But, with my track record I should be pulling for the Cards! 🙂 Hope all is well – the quiet room is a special place.

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