Day 6: Chicken’s Roost


It is the sixth day of summer and it is off to a great start. I just have to keep it moving. I have 15 hours and 10 minutes of daylight today, but it’s light for a bit more. The past few days have been busy with stuff I said I would do when school was over. Now, the chickens have come home to roost.

Summer has its own schedule and as the kids have gotten older the more structured it has gotten. W is off scuba diving with the Boy Scouts at Sea Base in the Keys. I know he is having a good time, how could he not? O started basketball camp at the high school – eight days of basketball drills and instruction with the girls’ varsity team and the head coach. Next week there’s softball camp for four days and interspersed there are softball games – Wednesday, Thursday, and next Monday. Tonight I have a Boy Scout meeting and Word Press training. I’m not going to camp this year with the scouts. I will miss it. It’s a lot of fun and I had a blast every year I went. But, I started blogging from camp and sending links back home – sort of a daily letter home. I blogged from camp and reflected on what we were doing including pictures, video, and text. This first year I did it, it was a surprise. Everyone loved it, except for the committee chairperson – sort of like the troop CEO. The next year, it was an expectation. Last year, I transitioned to the troop website and blogged daily. I usually wrote at night and I had help, of course. The other leaders would stop by, help with photos and see what was cooking, so to speak. It was a lot of fun. This year I am not going and folks are wondering, what is going to happen to the blog? Fortunately, Word Press is pretty simple and I can ‘hand over the keys’ to the folks who are going, so they can blog. Tonight, I’ll be doing a training session and I’ll follow up next week.

Training will be fun and it will remind me of how much I will miss this summer by staying home. But, it is time for others to go and experience the camaraderie of camp and watching the boys grow and mature.

In the meantime, not going to camp frees up time to work on the stuff I have ignored for a year! After we got W off to Sea Base Sunday morning, we gardened. I mowed the yard, pulled weeds, moved plants around to new spots and planted new plants. It was hard work and there is more to do, there always is. Monday we worked inside. We have sort of scratched the surface. Thankfully, tomorrow is garbage day and I can root through my desk and clean it off. It has become a veritable piling zone. Since the flood in April I have been dropping and piling saying to myself, I’ll deal with this when summer comes. Well, summer is here. Below are photos of the back garden, my summer office. No matter which office I choose, I can see work!

Indeed summer is here, so I had better finish and post. There is much to do, much required, and if I’m not careful more chickens to deal with. Making the days Count, one day at a time, one roosting chicken at a time!

What have you put off (aka avoided) to work on this summer?

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