Oh, how did I get here?

daynineIt is Friday morning, almost a free day, and no camps, only quiet until everyone wakes. Sleeping in is a summer tradition, after all. Even Ivy joined in. Me, I slept until 6.30, then got up, made coffee, read the paper, and then got started on the computer. That was forty minutes ago.

I started ripping the paneling off the basement walls yesterday. It felt good, really good. We have cracks in the foundation, small ones, but small ones leak when it rains especially when it rains a lot. We learned that in April. We knew about one leaky crack, but we discovered others hidden behind the wall that soggy Thursday morning. I have a lot of work ahead, three and a half walls to go and then there is the re-build.

Between Tuesday and this morning, we’ve endured powerful storms that skirted our area but brought high wind and drenching rains to our south and much of northern Indiana, Ohio and the mid-Atlantic states on Wednesday evening. Wednesday was the classic Midwestern summer day – hot, muggy, and stale – almost oppressive heat. By four o’clock that had changed and the sky darkened, lightning flashed and we hunkered down for the worst. Our area was spared while others were not. Thursday morning brought clear skies and cool air a great day to rip down the walls. I got a good start, but more ripping, tearing, and hauling lay ahead.

W is still Florida at Sea Base scuba diving. Presumably, he is having fun. We’ve texted back and forth a couple of times and B talked to him Wednesday, it made her feel great. Nevertheless, it has been silent. It’s driving B crazy. He posted the photos below on Instagram. He has a good eye for composition and his photos tell a story of being on the ocean, something I have never experienced. He comes home Sunday afternoon; we will try to pry seven days of being away out of him before Monday morning when wrestling and football camps begin.

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O is been busy with basketball camp and softball. She played softball last night and has three games over the next four days – tonight, Saturday, and Monday. Monday the camps resume and softball playoffs begin next Friday. She is busy and that’s good because the summer routine of sleeping late and playing late can get stale quickly.

In the meantime, I am O’s dad or W’s dad depending on the occasion. I am happy to have that ID. It’s funny how we, as parents, become associated not for who we are, but who are kids are. I think that is the part of my dad’s plan that was missing. I believe he was intensely proud of each us, but we never knew. Maybe that was our fault, my fault, I do not know. I do know – or rather, I think – my kids know how proud I am of them for who they are and what they do. B and I have high standards, high expectations, because to whom much is given, much is expected. (Luke 12:48)

Regardless, I am using this post to distract myself from what is truly important and screaming to be done. I have the basement and ripping, tearing, cutting, and sawing. Cracks to be found and so much more. So, I had better jump up, jump in and seize the day. Today is gonna be a great day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, even when I would prefer to do other things.

What ‘other things’ are on your agenda today or in the days and weeks ahead.  

4 thoughts on “Oh, how did I get here?

    1. yes, I do have my work cut out for me…but I do have some fun stuff on the horizon and I am the KING of PROCRASTINATION, okay maybe a prince or a duke… but I can put things off like nobody else! W returns this afternoon and I can hardly wait to see his photos and video…. have a safe trip to Florida and fun visit with your dad.

  1. Good luck working on that basement. Once the demo is done, hopefully it’ll be fun reconstructing. Your son definitely has an eye for photography….great shots. Enjoy your father’s day….send Colorado some of that moisture 🙂

    1. I’d love to send some moisture your way. The news I hear is about the fires Colorado and the west are having. I hope you folks are safe. The basement destruction is moving along, slowly. Life got in the way Friday and Saturday, but I’ll get after it today and the coming week. I’ll have my son back and he can be help (if I take his phone 🙂 )! Thanks for father’s day wishes….

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