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T minus eight

Reds vs. Cubs @ 1.10, Sunday 8/12

It’s been a while, too long between my last post and today. Don’t worry, the days have counted and they are counting. Last week it was fifteen today it is eight, and counting.

W and I came home a week ago and we hit the ground running – school, errands, scouts, football, Continue reading T minus eight


Where did the weekend go? frame from "Prickly City" by Scott Stantis 4/17/11

I love a good laugh, but sometimes the laugh strikes too close to home. Growing up I religiously read the comics. It was the first section of the paper I read, after the sports section. In adulthood, my sense of humor has become more mature (at least I think so) and I read political cartoons to get a chuckle. I follow several cartoonists including the Chicago Tribune’s cartoonist – my hometown newspaper – Scott Stantis. In addition to be an outstanding cartoonist, he draws a comic strip called “Prickly City” and I read it when I visit his blog. I came across the strip below over a month ago. I laughed and laughed, then cried, because that is exactly how I feel when the alarm clock rings on Monday morning. Continue reading Crud….

Day 82: Chicago, Wrigley Field, the Cubs, and Hello Kitty

An ‘L’ flag flies over Wrigley Field after each loss.

Wednesday was a day of anticipation. It was the day I had been dreading all summer – the final day of summer vacation and my last day of ‘freedom’ until next year’s summer vacation begins. The kids had been waiting for the day since I told them about my planned trip to the city and the Cubs game, and Beth had been looking forward to it as it meant my ‘home invasion’ was over! Nevertheless, it was here and it was gonna be a great day, a million and six time better than the day before. Continue reading Day 82: Chicago, Wrigley Field, the Cubs, and Hello Kitty