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Father’s Day – 2011

Yesterday was Father’s Day and it was time well spent. I woke early, as usual, stayed up too late, and didn’t finish what I wanted – only what I needed. This morning the alarm woke me at five and I crawled out of bed. There was an unusual orange hue to the morning sky and I wondered what was up remembering ‘red sky in morn,’ sailor be warned.’  Sure enough, we had storms headed our way. The morning routine continues; Ivy out, coffee on, and reading, checking mail, or watching a television program I recorded to watch when I have time. Continue reading Father’s Day – 2011

Ben and Jerry

There are so many excellent parts of summer, it is difficult to select, just one. So, in fairness to my taste buds, I am going to pick ice cream as one of my favorite parts of summer. I have had an ongoing love affair with ice cream since my youth. I can remember grabbing the carton and sitting down again against the bookcase and spooning it directly out of the carton. Whether it was Blue Bell (from Texas), Häagen-Dazs, Ben and Jerry’s or any other ice cream it comes right out of the carton and into my mouth. Continue reading Ben and Jerry

Day 8 – rain and more rain

A wizardy looking Mr. Potatohead!

Getting Olivia to a 7 AM softball camp was the official start of the day, but I was going before then. Beth and William had appointments including William’s camp physical and sports physical for next year. I have to get one too, and it is on my list. It rained early and rained off and on all day. In the evening, the sun came out briefly, and then disappeared. The day, like the weather, was prefect for odd jobs and procrastination. Continue reading Day 8 – rain and more rain

Seven Days down and Seventh Grade!

I was up early this morning as storms rolled through the area. Ivy and I reflected on the week so far, and summer in general.  I was reading a blog post this morning and I wanted to comment; this post is what came out of it. Seven days down and sixty-three to go; so many projects, so many books, so much to do, and so little time – time to think, read, write, and grow. Continue reading Seven Days down and Seventh Grade!

Versailles and Poultry Days


Brown’s Sweet Shop – Versailles, Ohio

We left home early Friday morning with a full car and travelled across north Indiana, through western Ohio to Versailles to visit Grandma and Grandpa Weaver and experience Poultry Days. We had left just as there was a thunderstorm blowing through our area, but once we got on the highway it had moved through and the drive was mostly rain-free. It is always an interesting drive regardless of the time of the year; in early summer, it is budding crops with baby cornstalks poking through the soil and old, established with names like Valparaiso, Plymouth, Warsaw, Columbia City, Fort Wayne, Van Wert, and Celina until we arrived in Versailles, Ohio. Continue reading Versailles and Poultry Days

The first day

The first day was officially a bust, really. I got the William off to school – he finishes today, Thursday, 6/9 and I got outside before it got too hot to finish some yard work. Beth came out soon after Olivia went off to school and we worked together in the yard. I did not come in until just after noon. I have to say we got quite a bit done and where we worked, it looks great. But, there is more to do. Continue reading The first day

Chores and the first day

The back of the last bus - end of the year for 2010-11!

It is the very first day of summer vacation and I am resisting the urge to sleep in. Seriously, I know I can find better uses of the time than sleeping, though I will get to bed early tonight than I did last night. Yesterday was Tuesday, which is always a hectic night with sports and scouts and we often get to bed after ten. I am on the deck and I am a crossroads: Ivy wants to play and I want to write. It is the coolest part of the day and it is going to be another hot one. Yesterday the heat and humidity really through us all and Ivy spent most of the afternoon sleeping on the floor, where it was cool. Continue reading Chores and the first day

It’s here!

It’s here! The last day of school is finally here! Yesterday was hot, really hot, and today and tomorrow is going to be even hotter. If you don’t believe me, check the Weather Channel widget on the right side of the web page! Of course, if you are reading this after Tuesday 6/7 or Wednesday 6/8 it won’t tell you the story. Hot air, not me, has gripped the area and we are under heat advisories. After the kids leave today, I am going to take it slow and easy. There is no rush. Continue reading It’s here!

One more day…

Monday morning and I am asking where did the weekend go? It disappeared as they all do with household chores; yard work, games, and some much needed down time. It was hot and humid Saturday and I got sunburned watching Olivia’s softball game. It stormed mid-afternoon and was much better on Sunday, cool enough to open the windows at night. Continue reading One more day…

Sunday Morning and T minus 2

Please stay outside - it's great out here!

It is Sunday morning and it is very quiet, except for the sounds of nature – birds calling, squirrels chirping, the rustle of leaves, and Ivy chewing a stick on the deck. I am sitting on the deck at the table enjoying a beautiful morning. Ivy convinced me to come outside by looking at me with those big brown eyes seemingly as if to say, ‘why aren’t you coming outside, it’s great!’ So, I did. I don’t have an internet connection – I’ll need to work on that, but another day. Summer is almost here. A week ago, I was driving 75 mph and closing on Indianapolis. It was a fun day and exhausting much like the past week. Continue reading Sunday Morning and T minus 2