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Making Time

A sliver of a moon slides across the sky as a frozen Lake Margrethe sees the last part of day

@MakingDaysCount and MakingtheDaysCount dot org, on many occasions, I have written about time and using it wisely; and if you have been looking for an update and wondering where I have been, I’ve been here, or there, seemingly everywhere – but not on the internet and certainly not at MakingtheDaysCount dot org. It has been a long three weeks. During that time, I have started a couple of entries but they have died on the figurative vine and been left unfinished. Continue reading Making Time

Going back to school and the climax

It is Monday and some things never seem to change, like the feeling on Monday morning. It was a busy weekend we jammed in high school football, chores, leaf cleanup, church, cooking, and spending time together. Beth got home from Ohio Sunday night and the kids were excited to greet her, having momma home is the best. Continue reading Going back to school and the climax

First days of school

Lakeview Elementary - courtesy of Fort Bend ISD

Today is the first day of school – WITH KIDS! I am excited. I have spent the summer resting, relaxing, and re-setting for this day. The best part of teaching is every year you get to start all over and begin again. Today is the day. I remember my mom telling me, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” I am ready. Continue reading First days of school

A week of Sundays

nine days and counting, working to making them count

It seems like a long time my last post and it has – six days. Summer is almost over and I was thinking of what needed done today, what really had to be done, finished and I got sad. I was bummed because summer is nine days away and I have several incomplete projects, some of which are more urgent than others. Then, I realized I had accomplished quite a bit and I felt better, for a moment. I really have lived true to my core beliefs this summer, to make the days count. I haven’t had the day count as prominent as last year, but I have been keeping track. Continue reading A week of Sundays

Wednesday and the Order of the Arrow

It was cold Wednesday morning, when we woke up. I lay inside my sleeping bag with just my head out and heard a few scouts and adults stirring around camp. I heard someone say, ‘It was 42 this morning.’ The forecast had called for a low in the forties, but 42 – that’s cold for the last part of June, even up here. I was the last adult up and out of his tent and the last to leave camp for the flag ceremony and breakfast. The scouts are well into the camp routine, even the newest scouts. Breakfast, and then off to classes. All of the adults attended the scoutmaster meeting with the daily briefing and then we hiked back to camp taking a shortcut that wasn’t. It was okay, though, we can use it as a Geezer requirement! Continue reading Wednesday and the Order of the Arrow


Weather fascinates me. Really, the changes in the weather are amazing, especially in our area – the Midwest.  Growing up in Texas, we had two kinds of weather hot and humid or cool. Texans would claim that my cool is cold, and I would have, too until I moved here. Here summer weather can be hot and at times, but for the most part, it is mild. Right now, it is 59 and cloudy with partial clearing forecast for later in the morning and into the afternoon. The forecast high is 70 and it will drop down to 57 overnight. After twenty years of Midwestern summers, I have gotten used to the weather and I enjoy sleeping with the windows open when I can, having to throw on a sweatshirt when I need to, and wearing shorts most of the time because it’s summer. Continue reading Weather

Two weeks

It has been two weeks – yes, it has. The days have flown by and I can report I have done quite a bit, but there is more to do. Yesterday was a hectic day and ended with crazy weather. Summer is officially here the solstice happened at 12:16 PM on June 21st! Today is the fifteenth day of summer vacation and the quest to make them count continues! Continue reading Two weeks


I love trains. I have always loved trains. When I was a kid, I loved watching trains and I can remember getting my first toy train for Christmas when I was five. I ran that train all day until it stopped working. My mom loves telling that story, especially to William and Olivia. A few years later, when I was in fourth grade I got an N-scale train for Christmas and I played with it until I grew up. Well, I grew up but I am still playing with trains or at least collecting them. Continue reading Training

Father’s Day – 2011

Yesterday was Father’s Day and it was time well spent. I woke early, as usual, stayed up too late, and didn’t finish what I wanted – only what I needed. This morning the alarm woke me at five and I crawled out of bed. There was an unusual orange hue to the morning sky and I wondered what was up remembering ‘red sky in morn,’ sailor be warned.’  Sure enough, we had storms headed our way. The morning routine continues; Ivy out, coffee on, and reading, checking mail, or watching a television program I recorded to watch when I have time. Continue reading Father’s Day – 2011