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The watch

It’s Saturday morning, again and I’m sipping coffee and thinking. Thinking about all I have to do and all want to do. They do not line up it’s not even close.

I didn’t win the lottery last night, but I didn’t expect that I would. Yet, that reduces my options to the realistic ‘to dos.’ Grading papers, planning, balancing the checkbook, paying bills, decorating outdoors, cleaning the house, etc., and in no particular order. And, the list goes on.

We chose to stay home this holiday weekend and so far it’s been restful and what we needed as a family. I’ve been working on a few ‘to dos’ that have been ‘to dos’ for far too long and I am making progress. The kids have been kids. They marched in the parade holiday last night and W had wrestling meet Wednesday and another this morning. My girls, B and O, went shopping at the mall last night, and I went to the bookstore for three books and came home with four! Continue reading The watch

6th grade, all over again

STRESS CITY. It is that time of the year, November and the push at school, home, and everywhere else. This past week was full: parent conferences at school – two full days, parent conferences for O, the election, and the kid’s activities – sports and scouts. I am grateful for B who handled scouts this week; otherwise, I might have burst. And, this week ends with my birthday. Yep, I am officially one year older today – Happy Birthday to me. Continue reading 6th grade, all over again

Election Day 2012

The alarm went off at four this morning and I noticed we had a visitor in bed this morning. Sometime after I crawled in bed and fell asleep, Ivy came upstairs and jumped into bed with us. She usually sleeps downstairs, but it is comforting to have her lying at my feet warming my legs, even if she isn’t supposed to be our bed.

Today is Election Day, Continue reading Election Day 2012

Summer Olympics

the Olympic preview – available on E-bay..

July 1976, it was the summer before high school. It was hot, as only southeastern Texas could get. It was the summer of a lot of things for me; growing up, figuring out who I was, figuring out what was ‘cool’ and what was not, who was cool and who my friends were, and getting ready for high school. It was also time for the Summer Olympics.

The Summer Olympics come around every four years, which is fortunate because if they came every summer, they might not mean the same thing, they might not be as special; because, the Olympic Games are something special. I have no memories of the Olympics before 1976. Continue reading Summer Olympics

Next stop, High School

I remember it like it was yesterday. I can close my eyes and see my classmates around me crossing the stage as we waited in the lunchroom for the ceremony to be over so we could bust out the door and summer could start. That was thirty-six years ago and last night I sat in the gym watching the same event from my parent’s eyes, except I wasn’t crossing the stage, William was. Continue reading Next stop, High School

Part 5, the conclusion, and the ride home

The gentle rain on the roof, rolling into the gutters outside my bedroom window was soothing and I slept well last night, perhaps, too well. I had a hard time convincing myself it was a good idea to get out of bed and start the day. I finally got up went downstairs, started the coffee, and made lunch for William and me – salads. Continue reading Part 5, the conclusion, and the ride home

It is raining and Falling Action

I made it through Monday, though barely. The weather was dreary today and it made it even worse. I read that at our latitude we lose 3 ½ minutes of daylight each day, that sucks! There is just no delicate way to put it. In addition to being narrative writing season in my classroom, it is a busy time in the school and at home. I got home from school and helped Olivia with her math homework and then we were off to a book fair at her elementary school, that wasn’t. We ended up at the town library instead. She was ‘on fire’ to pick up a good book to read and I wasn’t about to stand in her way. Continue reading It is raining and Falling Action

Going back to school and the climax

It is Monday and some things never seem to change, like the feeling on Monday morning. It was a busy weekend we jammed in high school football, chores, leaf cleanup, church, cooking, and spending time together. Beth got home from Ohio Sunday night and the kids were excited to greet her, having momma home is the best. Continue reading Going back to school and the climax

Rising Action, falling leaves

Yesterday was a glorious Fall day. It had been windy and wet in the middle of the week, but Thursday night the skies cleared and the temperatures dropped leaving a hint of frost everywhere. I know there is more of that to come, a lot more of it. I was up late Thursday night writing my narrative and getting ready for school even though I was out of school Friday, I still had to prepare via the web and the Blackboard – an electronic Blackboard – of sorts. Beth is out of town visiting her parents in Ohio and the kids needed me at home before school started and after when they came home. Continue reading Rising Action, falling leaves

Do I have your attention?

It is that time again, narrative writing season in my classroom. So far, the students have shown some sparks and I mean that is a good thing. I, on the other hand, have fallen down a hole.

It has been a great year so far; the first quarter is history and I am not. I am enjoying my students and I think they are enjoying me, at least some of them are. Teaching seventh graders to write is a delicate balance Continue reading Do I have your attention?