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Stamps, stamps, and more stamps

Love postage – circa 1973

For those of you who know me and maybe those of you who don’t – I like stamps. My last post included a mention of stamps and I have mentioned stamps and letter writing several times. But, I love stamps, postage stamps, commemorative postage stamps to be precise. Continue reading Stamps, stamps, and more stamps

President’s Weekend – 2012

It is the second long weekend of the calendar year and I am home, Beth and the kids are skiing in Michigan and having fun. They took off Thursday evening because the kids had no school Friday or Monday, making escaping the city and running off to the north woods a three-day fun-escape and much more inviting than staying home and cleaning the basement or other chores. I won’t be cleaning the basement, either I have a stack of papers to grade and get back before next Tuesday and I have time to make it happen. Continue reading President’s Weekend – 2012

Olivia’s Dad, WOW, what a week

All dressed up and ready to go!

I can hardly believe that the week has passed me by. It was a busy week full of activity and teaching. However, the best part, or parts, was sharing it with Olivia. A normal week, depending on the season, can be spent at basketball games, scout meetings, outings, church, managing homework, and having dinner together. But, this week was different. Our week began with the Super Bowl where I was out numbered 3-1 in favor of the Giants and ended with the Daddy-Daughter Dance Friday night. There was a lot in between. Continue reading Olivia’s Dad, WOW, what a week

Super Bowl Sunday

Go Pats!

I remember my first super bowl – or the first I remember watching. It was Super Bowl 4 – the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Baltimore Colts. I didn’t know much about football then, but being from Houston I was rooting for the Colts. The team I rooted for didn’t make it and never would. The Houston Oilers aren’t around anymore. Continue reading Super Bowl Sunday

What a difference a year makes

a year ago I had to rescue Ivy – today the deck is bare! Might as well be spring!

A year ago, I was climbing into bed dreaming of sleeping late, really late – past seven, eight, maybe even nine in the morning – which is unheard of for a middle school teacher. Except, we had been pummeled by 20+ inches of snow beginning Tuesday night and school had been cancelled for not one, but two days! Fast-forward to this year and we have had hardly any snow, yesterday it was in the upper 50s, and except for a few patches in shady areas, there is no snow on the ground. Continue reading What a difference a year makes